Being Frugal with Money but Having a Really Nice Apartment

We got an apartment with a sun room. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It is amazing to live in an apartment with so many amenities. We were looking for apartments for rent in North Fort Worth TX when we found Bella Vista. Our bathroom has a deep soaking tub. Some folks call them Roman bathtubs. We have black appliances in a designer kitchen. Everything about our place is nice. If you need anything fixed in your apartment, the maintenance crew gets to it within a day. We have ceilings that go up nine feet, and there is crown molding. I have never seen that in an apartment.

We really like it here. There are two outdoor pergolas with barbecue grills, and there is a really nice saltwater swimming pool that has a waterfall. I like the area in our apartment that has a built-in computer desk. I use it as a quiet place to work when I telecommute. My wife is a couponer, and she makes her shopping list and prints out her savings coupons there. We are very frugal, but we have nice things. It is all about getting the most for the money that you do spend. We wanted to get the most from our housing dollars, so that is why we picked an apartment here at Bella Vista.

Another amenity that we are enjoying is the big laundry room that we have. This is more like living in a house than being in an apartment. We have a full size washer and dryer in a big room that has plenty of utility shelving for storage. It is nice having space for things in an apartment and not having to rent off site storage for things. That is an additional savings that really adds up to a lot of money throughout the year.