We Were Looking for an Apartment in the Suburbs Outside of St. Louis

My wife and I wanted a nice little place outside of St.Louis. We wanted to be just far enough out of the city to be able to enjoy the suburbs. I can work in the city, but I prefer the quieter spaces of the suburbs. I like to be able to sit out on the patio and not hear sirens and the hustle and bustle of urban living. We looked online at apartments for Florissant MO. We found a nice place that has a pool and just what we wanted in our apartment.

It might sound funny, but we wanted a gas stove to cook on. That is getting harder and harder to find. We both like to cook great meals, and we have always preferred a gas range over an electric one. I like how you can fine tune the flame of a gas stove to get the perfect amount of heat for whatever it is you are cooking. Electric cycles on and off and is not as precise for us, especially when we are making hard candy confections out of melted sugar. We took a look at the first place we found that had gas stoves, and we signed a lease right away.

The apartment is pet-friendly, so our dog, Peaches, can come too. We would never get a place where we could not bring Peaches. We have a balcony, big closets and there is a laundry facility in each apartment building. No more loading up laundry in the car to go to a nearby laundromat on Thursdays. That is our wash day as we both have the day off. We get it done in the morning to have the rest of the day free. We like our new apartment here outside of St.Louis. It is just what we were looking for in a new place.