We Are Enjoying Our New Home

I hear people talking about car prices and car payments, but the really big cost is housing. You can get a used car and not have any payments and rely on the luck of the draw of whether it will need a repair, but housing is perpetual. You will always pay one way or another. Either in taxes and upkeep for a house, or rent for an apartment. We were surprised to find a really nice apartment in Silver Spring MD that was right within our budget.We thought finding anything that close to the nation’s capital was going to cost a lot more than what we ended up paying.

The kicker is that the apartment that we got is really nice too. We were able to find a one bedroom apartment that has one bathroom, a huge living room, a dining room that is actually not part of the living room, a balcony, and a kitchen with plenty of cupboard space. What we were not expecting to also get in this deal, since most of those are typical for one bedroom apartments, was a den. That is such a nice bonus, and that den has really come in handy for both of us too.

Something else we were not expecting to get at the rate that we are paying is all the amenities that are available to anyone here who is leasing an apartment. There is an Olympic sized swimming pool, a tennis court, a fitness center that is open around the clock, and a community room where events are always being held. There really is something for everyone here, and my wife and I feel very fortunate to be able to call it home. In fact, when a couple of our friends found out where we were living and the price we pay, they submitted their application too!