A Great Apartment for My Family

I do not make a lot of money, but I still get by okay because of careful budgeting. I have two children, and I do my very best to make sure they have everything they need. One of the things that has really helped me is getting one of the apartments for rent in Newport News VA that has affordable rates. It does help that I fall right below the maximum guidelines for affordable housing help, and this apartment has been such a blessing to find. Since I want to do best by my children, I wanted to make sure they are in a good school district too, which this apartment building is in. Continue reading

Being Frugal with Money but Having a Really Nice Apartment

We got an apartment with a sun room. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It is amazing to live in an apartment with so many amenities. We were looking for apartments for rent in North Fort Worth TX when we found Bella Vista. Our bathroom has a deep soaking tub. Some folks call them Roman bathtubs. We have black appliances in a designer kitchen. Everything about our place is nice. If you need anything fixed in your apartment, the maintenance crew gets to it within a day. We have ceilings that go up nine feet, and there is crown molding. I have never seen that in an apartment.

We really like it here. There are two outdoor pergolas with barbecue grills, and there is a really nice saltwater swimming pool that has a waterfall. I like the area in our apartment that has a built-in computer desk. I use it as a quiet place to work when I telecommute. Continue reading

We Were Looking for an Apartment in the Suburbs Outside of St. Louis

My wife and I wanted a nice little place outside of St.Louis. We wanted to be just far enough out of the city to be able to enjoy the suburbs. I can work in the city, but I prefer the quieter spaces of the suburbs. I like to be able to sit out on the patio and not hear sirens and the hustle and bustle of urban living. We looked online at apartments for Florissant MO. We found a nice place that has a pool and just what we wanted in our apartment.

It might sound funny, but we wanted a gas stove to cook on. That is getting harder and harder to find. Continue reading

We Are Enjoying Our New Home

I hear people talking about car prices and car payments, but the really big cost is housing. You can get a used car and not have any payments and rely on the luck of the draw of whether it will need a repair, but housing is perpetual. You will always pay one way or another. Either in taxes and upkeep for a house, or rent for an apartment. We were surprised to find a really nice apartment in Silver Spring MD that was right within our budget.We thought finding anything that close to the nation’s capital was going to cost a lot more than what we ended up paying.

The kicker is that the apartment that we got is really nice too. Continue reading

Finding a Realtor to Buy a House

I really thought that I was going to be able to buy a house a couple of years ago, but it ended up being a lot more complicated then I would have thought. I had the money to be able to pay for a mortgage at the time, but my credit was in the dumpster for some reasons that were kind of beyond my control. I had some collections against me that were erroneous and I could not get them removed. But anyway, I am trying to find the top Denver Realtors at the moment, so that I can have someone to help me to find a house to purchase.

I thought initially that I would be able to find a house on my own, and thereby, not have to hire a Realtor and have to deal with one. But after doing a bit of searching and attempting to find a house on my own for a couple of months, I realized it really wasn’t working out for me, and I decided that I would have to get a realtor after all. Continue reading